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Raw Feeding

If you’re new to the concept of raw feeding, you may be wondering what it’s all about and why you should consider it for your cat.

Raw feeding is a back-to-basics approach that takes its lead directly from nature. It replicates the high protein, high energy diet that wild carnivores have thrived on for thousands of years, making it substantially different to the cooked, processed convenience cat foods that society has become accustomed to in recent decades.

In its most natural form, as it is in Feline Natural, a raw food diet is high in protein, high in energy, low in carbohydrates and completely raw to get the optimum nutritional benefit from its ingredients. Raw meaty bones should also be part of a good raw food diet because they satisfy a cat’s instinctive urge to chew and have numerous health benefits.

Raw feeding is growing in popularity throughout the world as cat owners come to realise that modern 'convenience' cat foods - often made with foodstuffs rejected for human consumption, or with an excess of species-inappropriate ingredients like grains – may not be in the best interests of their pets. Many vets also share this view and are increasingly recommending a raw feeding approach because of the obvious benefits it has for cats.

There are many benefits, including:

  • Excellent muscle definition producing a fitter, leaner appearance
  • Greater energy and alertness
  • The reduction/elimination of symptoms of allergies
  • The reduction of hyperactivity
  • Easy and effective weight control
  • Healthy skin and lustrous coats
  • Enhanced oral health including clean teeth and fresh breath (especially if raw meaty bones are a regular part of your cat's diet)
  • Small, firm stools

brighteyesIn addition to these benefits, many owners who’ve switched their cats from processed foods to a raw diet have reported significant, life-altering changes in their pets. Reports from Feline Natural customers include the complete elimination of serious skin allergies (which had cost hundreds of dollars to treat without success), to amazing transformations in the energy levels of senior cats previously thought to be ‘on their last legs’.

It’s possible to make raw food for your pet at home but it’s time consuming and hard to gauge if your home made blends are meeting your cat’s nutritional needs. Commercial raw food products have been developed to make raw feeding simple and convenient. We believe that Feline Natural is the finest on the market because it uses high quality ingredients and is nutritionally-complete without the need for any further supplementation. It’s also affordable and exceptionally convenient.

Given how natural a raw food diet is for obligate carnivores, it’s hard to imagine a reason why you wouldn’t feed your cat a carefully prepared, nutritionally-balanced raw food. With Feline Natural, you can feed a raw diet with confidence, we believe you’ll be thrilled with the positive effects it has on your cat.

From research we know your cat originated from the desert, they were desert dwellers, and as such they must eat a moist food. Nature made it that way we must continue to do so. Therefore Feline Natural is a unique cat food too as it mimics the diet of an obligate carnivore, your cat. If you doubt what we say even science cannot explain the following:

“Cats have a requirement for dietary protein two to three times that of omnivores and herbivores. This was reported to be due to the hepatic catabolic enzymes of this species being set to a permanently high level and, therefore, showing little adaptation to low dietary protein” This study demonstrated that cats adapt net protein oxidation at these levels of protein intake, and the reason for the high dietary protein requirement of this species is, therefore, unclear.

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