The Wonders of Green Tripe

At K9 Natural we highly recommend Green Tripe.  Dogs LOVE it and it’s incredibly nutritious. Packed with protein and probiotics Green Tripe is nature’s “super-food” for dogs.

What is Green Tripe?

Tripe is the stomach of a ruminating (grazing) animal, including cows and sheep.  The stomach of a ruminant has four chambers and is loaded with digestive enzymes, gastric juices and amino acids.  K9 Natural Green Tripe is from New Zealand grass fed lamb.

How can something that smells so bad be so good?

Raw Green Tripe provides immense health benefits for dogs.  The gastric juices and enzymes aid digestion and allow dogs to efficiently utilise their food. Digestive enzymes purify and cleanse the blood, remove toxins, parasites and fungus, as well as improving metabolism, hormonal function and boosting the immune system.

Gastric juices are great teeth cleaners and allow for easy digestion, making it the perfect food for dogs with a sensitive digestive system and or skin allergies.

Raw Green Tripe is packed with probiotics and amino acids, both are necessary to maintain a healthy gut, manufacture more immune boosting B vitamins and prevent many health disorders.

Why feed K9 Natural Green Tripe?

We have many customers who find K9 Natural Green Tripe has helped clear up their dog’s skin allergies and are thrilled with the glorious good health and vitality of their furry friends.

Dog owners have also fed  K9 Natural Green Tripe when transitioning dogs from a highly processed kibble diet to a raw diet and they report it’s made the change easier on their dog’s gut.

How does K9 Natural take away the hassle of feeding Green Tripe?

Nature’s doggie “super-food” doesn’t come without some hard work.  Raw Green Tripe is not readily available in supermarkets, requires a very sharp knife and it does stink to the high heavens!

K9 Natural Green Tripe comes in both frozen and freeze dried free flow forms. This takes away the “yuck” factor as you can feed without handling the tripe (unfortunately we can’t take away the smell).

Freeze dried  K9 Natural Green Tripe is even more convenient as there is no need for freezer space and no need to defrost.  Freeze dried pellets can also be fed as treats – your dog will love you for it!

Comments our customers have made about K9 Natural Green Tripe:

“Tripe is the stuff doggie dreams are made of.”

“You’ve turned my dog into a tripe junkie.”

“Bought a bag on the weekend and she’s right over the moon.  She loves this smelly stuff….so much so that I caught her trying to break into the bag….and she has never, ever done that before!”

“It stinks but it works, Watson was itching nonstop and shaking the house like an earthquake until I dished this up.” 


Check out this article by Dogs Naturally for more information on Green Tripe


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10 Responses to “The Wonders of Green Tripe”

  1. Mike says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for getting in touch.
    Tripe definitely does have an abundance of nutritional goodness. When we describe a nutritional complete and balanced diet, this is as defined by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and is required to satisfy a specified nutritional profile. As tripe isn’t defined as a complete and balanced diet we cannot recommend this to compose as significant a portion of your dogs diet as 50%. This is why we recommend 10-15% or once a week, as it means your dog will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits (and taste!) of tripe without missing out on the full nutritional profile of our complete and balanced diets.
    I hope this is helpful and helps explain the reasons behind our recommendations.

  2. Mark says:

    Hi Mike

    You say above to feed your green tripe only 10-15% or once a week. I had been feeding my dog your beef and chicken. The gave him the tripe…after that he would not touch beef and chicken on it’s own, so I am mixing it together. 50% chicken, 50% green tripe. You say green ‘tripe is not a nutritional balanced diet”, but it has so much goodness in it… is 50-50 of each product going to be fine?


  3. Nathalie says:

    K9 rehydratable green tripe is my first choice of food for my travelling team of show dogs. Its extremely well digested, creates no heat in digestion and adds vital moisture, all of prime importance to keep our team in top winning condition, especially during the warmer summer months. During the colder months I mix the green tripe with the lamb rehydratable, to offer a complete raw diet on the road without having to change from the food they receive on a daily basis at home. A win-win situation!

  4. Geoff says:

    Hi animallover,
    In answer to your question is our Lamb green tripe AFFCO approved the simple answer is no, it is for supplemental feeding only. Therefore it is not a requirement. Our other diets are AFFCO approved however.
    I hope that helps?

  5. Mike says:

    Hi Tundra,

    It’s great for your dog that you have discovered Green Tripe!

    As Green Tripe is not a nutritionally balanced diet we recommend that it is fed to supplement the current diet you are feeding. You can either include approximately 10-15% of Green Tripe in with each meal or you can feed Green Tripe as a meal once a week.

    It sounds like you have also heard about the smell tripe can emit. If you are worried about this, freeze dried Green Tripe may be a great option for you. A key attribute of this product is that by removing the moisture, the ‘tripe’ smell is significantly reduced. In its fresh form tripe definitely doesn’t have the most enticing odour but your dog will make quick work of its meal if Green Tripe is included, it is an extremely palatable food for dogs. More information about Lamb Green Tripe is available here.

    If you need any more assistance, please let us know.



  6. Tundra says:

    Hi there, I have a 4 month old malamute. I’ve just recently learned about Green Tripe literally just today. I’m curious how much and how often should I be feeding him tripe? I do not know the level of odor Green Tripe can expel but if it is really bad, I am worried that my roommates might complain. So I would prefer to feed him just sufficient amount so that his digestive system is not deficient. I am currently feeding my pup a nutritionally balanced raw chicken diet. Unfortunately I am missing digestive enzymes supplementation. I know he is enzyme deficient because I can see carrots in his poop. Help!

  7. K9 says:

    Green Tripe on its own isn’t a complete diet, it is intended to be used a supplement.

    Our Lamb, Beef, Venison and Chicken products are AAFCO approved diets though.

    Thank You

  8. Jayne Martin says:

    Hi Guys, I just wanted to let you know how amazed and pleased I am at your product K9 Natural, I have 4 dogs and particularly my Labrador has had skin and stomach problems, to which I have spent a fortune trying to cure……Also she was putting on weight with other foods…..I switched to K9 Natural and Oh my god !! her coat so so shiny now, no itching, no gnawing at her paws, she has lost a weight and now looks like a happy healthy Lab…..the other three love it too…….Well done !! Jayne Martin, Christchurch

  9. animallover/vetnurse says:

    Hi there, just wondering is this diet AAFCO approved?

  10. A very interesting article. Tripe certainly seems to be a beneficial ingredient.

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