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A Raw Diet: Let Dogs Thrive

A natural, raw diet provides your dog with nutrition it needs to thrive, the way nature intended.  Pick up a bag of commercial dog food and you'll find a complex ingredient panel on the back. Feeding dogs well shouldn't be confusing, so K9 Natural takes it back to basics. 
We believe the ultimate dog food will tick these eight boxes:

1. Tastes Great  

Dogs should love their food!  30% of dog owners say their dogs don't love their food.  This doesn't need to be the case.

2.  Complete and Balanced

A complete product should provide all the nutrients your dog requires.  Well balanced food will deliver these nutrients in the right ratios.  For example, the calcium to phosphorus ratio must be correct to ensure dogs absorb the nutrients.  Check the label to see if the manufacturer claims the food is "Complete AND Balanced".  

At K9 Natural we take it one step further by insisting nutrients are in their natural state.  We have a simple philosophy - don't mess with Mother Nature.

3.  High Protein

The major component of the food needs to be meat.  This provides protein to build muscle and a range of micronutrients including vitamin B and E, along with iron to help boost energy levels.  The result is a lean strong dog with a well developed endurance base, plus a much reduced risk of injury and rate of fatigue.

4.   Balanced Natural Fat

Natural fat is the energy source for your dog.  Increasing the natural fat in your dog's diets will improve the condition of their skin and coat.  Think of fat as a moisturiser from within.  Well nourished skin equals no dry, itchy spots, less dandruff, better hair growth and a coat that gleams with good health.

5.  No Starchy Carbohydrates

Research states dogs have no requirement for carbohydrates, although the majority of dog foods contain 50 per cent carbohydrates.  Highly processed starchy carbohydrates like rice, wheat and corn are easily converted to body fat and are difficult for dogs to digest.  At K9 Natural we believe dogs need just a small quantity of slow release carbohydrates from sustained energy releasing macronutrients such as fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits.

6.  High Digestibility

Food needs to be easily digested to provide optimum nourishment.  The best indicator of digestibility is the stools.  You shouldn't be picking up large smelly tools as this suggests your dog isn't digesting a lot of what it is eating.  The stools should be small, firm and low in odor. 

7.  Natural Nutrients

Nutrients need to be kept in their natural state all the way to the dogs bowl for the goodness to remain intact and available.  Pet foods that are produced using heat processing, artificial forming agents, additives and preservatives, compromise nutrient delivery.

8.  High Moisture Content

A good level of moisture in your dog's food ensures hydration.  A dehydrated dog is susceptible to kidney and urinary problems.  Dogs eating kibble need to drink a lot of water to supplement the lack of moisture in their diet.

At K9 Natural these eight standards set the rules for the ingredients we use and how we produce the Worlds Best Pet Food. 

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