Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is high on our agenda here at K9 Natural and Feline Natural. That’s why we source our beef, lamb and venison from 100% sustainable, free-range (pasture-raised), grass-fed and humanely treated animals that live and roam just as nature intended, right here in New Zealand. There are no cages to be seen on the farms our chicken comes from, and our fish is sustainably caught, too – Seafood Watch rates it as ‘Best Choice’.

Animals deserve to be treated with care and respect, and at the end of their lives, that shows in the outstanding quality of food we provide for your pets. In New Zealand, there’s serious commitment to looking after our animals and assessing and improving animal welfare practices.

Life on a New Zealand farm – where does our meat come from?

Agriculture is a major part of the New Zealand economy, and our animals are farmed using completely humane practices that place animal wellbeing at its core. This commitment means our animals live longer, healthier, more active lives.

In New Zealand, farm animals are protected by law – namely, the Animal Welfare Act and Animal Welfare Strategy – in rearing, transport and slaughter. We look after our own backyard, and on the farms from which K9 Natural and Feline Natural’s stock is sourced, there are absolutely no battery cages, crowded stock trucks, nasty growth hormones, mutilation or concrete housing. Instead, the animals are free to range on New Zealand pasture, and transported and slaughtered according to stringent government regulations.

At K9 Natural and Feline Natural we source our wholefood ingredients from the human supply chain, which means they meet the strict food safety requirements of food fit for human consumption. Our suppliers are regularly audited by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI – a New Zealand government department).

Seeing it for ourselves

We’ve been in the business of manufacturing pet food for more than ten years. During that time we’ve forged close, open relationships with our supplier network. We know our suppliers by name and regularly visit their farms, factories and facilities to make sure they’re meeting our high standards. Between us and MPI, we know that the ingredients for your pet’s food comes from a good place: one that’s both safe and kind to animals.

The care and attention we put into sourcing the meat that ends up in your pet’s bowl is second to none. If you have any questions about our commitment to sourcing sustainably and ethically farmed wholefood ingredients, get in touch