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Stories and Pet Tips

Why diet is so important to your dog’s health & well-being

We hear it time and time again, particularly when gobbling down chocolate, the age old adage ‘you are what you eat’.

What the Hoki? Diving deep into our favorite fish.

If New Zealand hoki were at school, they’d be getting gold stars all around. Correction: they actually are in schools, but you won’t find them sitting at a desk! Hoki is a species of fish abundant in New Zealand waters, and where you will find it is in a couple of our K9 Natural and Feline...

Guaranteed Analysis vs Typical Analysis —What’s the difference?

Here at K9 Natural, we take pride in our transparency when it comes to the nutritional jigsaw puzzle that is pet food. In this blog, we focus on how our nutritional jigsaw puzzle stacks up by answering some of our most frequently asked questions.

The dental diet

Canine dental disease affects 80% of dogs over the age of three. With brushing the dog’s teeth becoming routine in many households, it is no secret dental health is an important component in a dog’s overall wellbeing. But can one diet put the toothbrush away for good?

The real scoop on poop

It’s a thing that looms large in the daily lives of dog owners. We’d rather not think about it, but we have to. We’d like to turn our back and stride confidently away, but common decency, multiple bylaws and a deathly stare from fellow walkers means there is no way...

Air-dried food — The new kid on the block

Fresh, clean air. We’ve got a lot of it down here in New Zealand. So at K9 Natural we got to thinking. Why not make good use of it and blend it into our well-loved, natural products? And the idea was born: fine canine fare, air-dried to perfection.

Grain Free vs Heart Disease

  To learn that your beloved pet has a potentially life-threatening disease is news no parent wants to hear. Which is why, when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released an alert in July 2018 (learn more here) of an increased incidence of a heart disease called canine dilated cardiomyopathy, (DCM)...

What is freeze-dried?

  Not that long ago commercial pet food was relatively simple; you either fed dry kibble, tinned ‘wet’ food or a combination of both. Now days, as we have come to better understand the nutritional needs of our pets and its role in their health, a vast array of foods...

King Salmon

There’s more to salmon than meets your pet’s tongue. We’ve long known our New Zealand king salmon is delicious (our customers have empty bowl evidence), but it also happens to be great at keeping inflammation at bay.

The F word: not as naughty as you think

With health trends on the rise globally, busting the myth that ‘fat makes you fat’ is a serious point of discussion. Most understand that the fat you eat doesn’t automatically settle itself as fat tissue in the body, any more than eating more protein will build body-builder worthy muscles. But...

Diet and skin problems — are they linked?

The skin is a large, active organ with a high requirement for protein, fat and other nutrients. Therefore, it is unsurprising that subtle changes in its nutrient supply have a marked effect on both skin and coat condition. As the saying goes ‘we are what we eat;’ and in this...

Staying at home with your four legged pet

As us humans batten down the hatches and stay on home soil for the next little while, the furry members of your family are probably experiencing feelings of equal parts excitement and confusion at your sudden extended presence in their life. Changing to this new normal can bring about unique...