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Stories and Pet Tips

Keep your best mate safe this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner (can you believe it?) the festive spirit is well and truly in full swing and the social calendar is becoming littered with Christmas parties and family gatherings. Like many people, it is my favorite time of year and I adore spending it with loved...

Emerging from isolation: managing your pet’s stress levels

  With the glimmer of returning to normal life flickering on the horizon, it is important we consider what this may mean for our furry family members. For the last couple of months, they have adjusted to full households, constant company and likely more attention as our lives have slowed...

Just add variety – The benefits of rotational feeding

You probably know from experience that if you feed your dog the same meal three times a day, seven days a week, they’re not going to turn it down. And it’s easy to just put the same flavour in the cart when you’re running low. That said, dogs actually love...

Transitioning to a new diet

‘Food should always be fun, food should always be fun’….is the mantra I repeatedly tell myself when I try to introduce new foods and flavours to my 6 month old son. Some days it’s a success and I beam with undeserved pride, other days he clamps his mouth shut so...

What are those small white specs?

Here at K9 Natural and Feline Natural we are committed to providing the best blends of nature in nutrition for cats and dogs. As part of this philosophy, we refuse to include any binders, gums or gelling agents in our diets which would compromise the natural goodness of our wholefood ingredients. 

The instinctive diet

“What should I be feeding my dog?” is one of the most common questions I am asked in clinical practice. The recurring debate seems to centre on the appropriateness of high levels of carbohydrate in many of the commercial dry foods fed to a large proportion of our canine companions.

Top storage tips for keeping pet food fresh

Ever wondered why your dog or cat is turning their nose up at food they were loving just days ago? They’re probably trying to tell you something is not quite right with their dinner. Chances are, this is down to the way it has been stored.

Travelling With Pets

  It is fair to say that 2020 has been a year like no other. With numerous changes to our way of life, the implications of COVID-19 have been pervasive with a sudden halt to international travel being one such example. Whilst some people are still lamenting their forgone European summer...

Animal Protein vs. Plant Protein

In the human world, it is fair to say we are currently clasped in the grips of a protein obsession. Where ‘sugar free’ and ‘low fat’ used to dominate the food-marketing scene, it is now hard to miss the ‘with added protein’ plastered on everything from breakfast cereals to pizza dough and...

Five tips for leaving your dog home alone and happy

Dogs are pack animals – they’re naturally social. And of course, we humans are pretty attached to our pups. Leaving them at home alone can be hard for the both of you, but with patience and a few clever tactics, it’s definitely doable. Here are our top five tips to...

Introducing a new baby to your four-legged family member

For almost a decade I have been advising conscientious pet owners on how best to introduce a new baby to their four-legged family member. I have even discussed my recommendations on national television… a baby, a dog and live TV… you can imagine the chaos! 

Introducing Dr. Josie Gollan

Hi, my name is Dr. Josie Gollan and I am a companion animal veterinarian from Sydney with more than 10 years of clinical experience. I am a mum to Albus the Hungarian Vizsla and Hendrix the human and with another small human about to join our pack, life is going...