K9 Natural Super Bowl Profile: Roo (The Day) Floresca

Our next player for K9 Natural Super Bowl LVIII is Roo (The Day) Floresca. Roo is 8 years old and has been part of the K9 Natural Team for two years.

  • Age: 8 years old
  • Time at K9 Natural: 2 years
  • NFL team: Seattle Seahawks
  • Hometown: Seattle, Washington
  • Position: Tight End
  • Number: 12 (cat toys destroyed in 2023)

Found in a pizza restaurant parking lot, Roo was then adopted from a shelter and found their forever home in Seattle, Washington. Faster than any other, one of Roo’s biggest strength is destroying any and all soft toys in 3.5 seconds or less (the Boxer/Labrador/Pitbull genetics do really come in handy).

However, squirrels will always be an unwanted distraction when it comes to Roo, every single one must be chased, no exceptions. When Roo isn’t chasing squirrels or destroying soft toys you will often find them playing tug of war whenever they can rope someone else in to play too.

When it comes to mealtime, Roo's ‘super bowl’ is impressive to say the least, with toppers and boosters to get the most balanced diet possible.

Stay tuned over the coming days as we introduce the rest of the K9 Natural Super Bowl LVIII players!

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