K9 Natural Puppy is Now Available!

Just in time for Christmas, K9 Natural has launched it’s new Puppy food range. Welcome your newest fur baby to the family with specially formulated food for your puppy to thrive. It’s packed full of nutritious wholefood ingredients, with nourishing proteins and fats for healthy growth and development.

•DHA & EPA – supporting healthy brain and eye development
•Guaranteed levels of calcium and phosphorus in every bag that supports a puppy’s strong teeth and bone development
•Premium quality protein for healthy muscle growth
•Grain free and carbohydrate limited

K9 Natural Puppy food is now available at selected retailers.

See the K9 Natural Puppy food range here 


New Zealand Café Menu Proves it’s a Dog’s Life

New Zealanders love their coffee just about as much as they love their dogs. Now the two are coming together in a New Zealand first collaboration between two popular beach side cafes and K9 Natural.

Launching on July 30th the cafés located on two of Auckland’s picturesque beach fronts will offer a special canine menu appropriately named Bone Appetit that will allow café patrons to indulge their four legged friends to some fine dining.

With three New Zealand grass-fed delicacies on the Bone Appetit menu, loyal café companions will be spoilt for choice.

Watch the story unfold here.

Dogs Weigh in on a Natural High-Meat Diet

As health and wellness grows to a trillion dollar industry*, new research shows that while people are getting healthier – treasured family pets are in desperate need of a doggy-diet overhaul.

Research by New Zealand pet nutrition company K9 Natural has revealed that although 96% of Kiwis claim their dog is a much loved family pet, over half (58%) have no idea what ingredients are in the food they feed their dog.

K9 Natural CEO, Neil Hinton says pet owners are still in the dark about their beloved pooches’ health.

“While we are all making better nutrition choices for ourselves, our pets are still getting highly processed, carb-laden foods, that are adding to a lot of the common health issues dogs have.”

Although well-meaning dog owners want their four-legged friends to be as healthy as possible, many are confused about what constitutes an ideal doggy diet.

Carbohydrates and fats are the biggest source of confusion with more than half of respondents thinking carbs are essential for dog health, and 40% believing that feeding their dogs fat would cause weight gain.

Hinton clarifies the misconception by saying, “Research shows that dogs thrive on a natural high meat diet consisting primarily of protein, fat and very low levels of carbohydrates.”

“Its common sense – dogs have always eaten meat – what we’re trying to do is make it as easy as possible for owners to feed a complete and balanced natural diet”

The K9 Natural survey also revealed that four in ten dogs suffer from an array of health conditions such as muscle and joint issues, skin problems, bloating and low energy levels – all of which can be remedied by a natural, high-meat diet like K9 Natural Hinton says.

“We are passionate about improving the health of pets and we are investing significantly in research to help us create a range of natural products that make a real difference to pet health and happiness. We’ve seen remarkable improvements in dogs overall health, such improvements in skin allergies, the condition of their coat and energy levels, after eating a K9 Natural diet, as it’s what they’re designed to eat.”

K9 Natural is a complete and balanced natural diet made with 90% meat, blood, bone and offal, 5% green lipped mussels and eggs, 5% fruit and vegetables, vitamins and minerals and 0% nasties – all sourced from New Zealand.