Have you met Mark?

Hi there, my name is Mark Roberts and I work both as a researcher and nutritionist for K9 Natural. I initially got involved in feeding dogs a meat-based diet many years ago. My Father had worked in Antarctica in the 1960’s when sled dogs were still used and fed a diet consisting of essentially seal meat, with no carbohydrate content. This in turn made me question why we feed dogs a diet consisting of a high carbohydrate inclusion. Ultimately, this led me into a companion animal nutrition career, with now being responsible for ensuring all K9 Natural diets are nutritionally complete and balanced for your dog and/or cat and helping create new, novel and nutritious products.

Additionally, I also work as a researcher at the Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences, Massey University, New Zealand, whereby my key area of expertise is investigating the instinctive diet of the dog and how this impacts on markers of health for which I have published studies.

A secondary area of research I am involved in is studying the impact of nutrition on the domestic dog’s closest relative, the grey wolf. This has involved me working in Denali National Park, Alaska with the National Park Service, collecting and working with wild wolf scat samples. I’m lucky enough to travel around the world presenting my findings to all sorts of groups from veterinary conferences to general dog and cat lovers. My lifelong goal is keep on studying the benefits of feeding dogs a meat-based diet and fundamentally get this information into the hands of pet owners, therefore allowing them to make an informed decision on what to feed their pet.

The ultimate drive for my work is my sled dog team, consisting of a working kennel of Siberian Huskies. Over the years I have spent many thousands of hours training my dogs in all weather. This in turn has allowed me to have a very strong bond with them.

I have seen my dogs perform exceptionally well on a meat-based diet, indeed most have Sled Dog Champion (SDCH) titles and my team has twice won the longest dryland sled dog race in the world.

By witnessing this and working so closely with them, it helps solidify to me that a species appropriate diet is needed for companion animals. I share this crazy life with my wife and young daughter, who thankfully enjoy all that it entails as much as me!