Puppy note

Introducing Jonty’s Journal

Jonty’s your classic kiwi kid, full of love for playing outdoors and fish and chips on a sunny day. This Christmas he asked Santa for a puppy.

‘Dear Santa,
Can I please have some of this stuff. Thanks for the presents.
Love you Santa from Jonty.
p.s take our cookies, beer and mini present.’
Jonty, age 10

Jonty made sure he always did his homework and that his bedroom was clean (well, sometimes). Little did he know that Santa had reviewed his list and thought that, on balance, this year Jonty had been very good, and granted him his Christmas wish.

Soon after Christmas, Jonty was able to go and pick up his very first puppy, an adorable labradoodle, Scout. He is the latest addition to an already busy family, with mum, dad and his brother all excited for the new arrival.

Every new puppy-parent knows those first days of toil & trouble, clumsiness & cuddles. From the halting first steps in a new environment, to the inevitable chewed possessions and the joy of watching a tuckered-out puppy dream, we get to follow along on their journey as they become life-long best friends.

Join us and follow Jonty’s (and his family’s) journey through puppyhood and beyond in his regular blog posts.

Jonty’s Journal is inspired by our new K9 Natural Puppy Range