Jonty’s Journal: Scout in the Backyard

Lately Scout has been digging holes in the backyard and dad is not satisfied with it. I would say he has dug about seven holes and the biggest one he has dug would have probably been nearly a meter deep. Scout has also been doing another cheeky things all puppys would do, steal your shoes and run of with them till they break.

Another one of his hobbies are stealing all my soccer balls and trying to run off with them so then I have to chase after him till I get them. I’ve got to say he is a pretty good side-stepper. Scout kept getting faster and faster till he smokes me in a race that’s a worry because he loves nipping you so if you’re playing out there with him you have to be careful or else he will hurt. When scout tries to bit me I have to jump up on our concrete wall so he can not bit me. Scout can get a bit over loaded with excitement some times so you have to be careful.

When Scout is finished running around he comes in the house and gives you puppy dog eyes until you give him his special puppy food for dinner. Then he eats it all up quickly. I would get told off if I ate like that.

That is all Scout does in the backyard.

By Jonty

Age 10

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