Cute Puppy Scout

Jonty’s Journal: Scout’s first days

Dear Blog, I’ve had Scout for three days now and when he gets in his crate he starts barking but hopefully stops soon. Scout is the most playful dog ever. I love when he plays with his ball he is like a lion striking it’s prey.

Over the last three days he’s been going to the toilet lots inside our house. Mum isn’t happy because our new rug has to be washed all the time. When we first got him he didn’t even want to come out of his cargo crate because he had a big journey on a plane from Tauranga to Christchurch. But we fed him some of his special puppy food and he chased the bowl across the floor to lick it all up and then went to straight to sleep. Scout is heading off to puppy school in a few days because mum said he shouldn’t eat her shoes. He sure is chewing everything.

By Jonty

Age 10