Mealtime Satisfaction Unearthed

They say variety is the spice of life so as loving pet owners, should we be worried about feeding our fur babies the same food day in, day out? Are we in fact taking away some of life’s ‘spice’ by not mixing it up? This is a question I am commonly asked in the clinic by dog and cat owners alike.

Many fretting fur parents worry their animals are bored with their daily diets and ask me whether they should consider diversifying to more of a degustation menu.

In answer to this, I usually discuss our inability as humans to resist anthropomorphizing our animals. That is, we struggle to dissociate our human emotions when considering how satisfying or in fact dissatisfying it must be for them to eat the same meal every day. While it is impossible to know for sure, (they can’t talk to us after all), I am fairly confident that if your pup or pussycat still does the happy dance at meal times, gobbles down their food like they haven’t eaten in a year, and licks the bowl so clean they can see their own reflection… they are one satisfied customer, even if it is the 268th time they’ve eaten that meal this year.

But what if your pet doesn’t do those things… should you be worried? Generally, I would say no, some animals are just not ‘foodies’ just like some people. If your kitty or canine has always been a bit apathetic in the food department then it may just be them. However, if you notice a change in their interest level or they go off their food entirely, it may be worth a trip to the vet just to make sure there is nothing more sinister brewing.

Another thing to consider is our desire to offer an array of food choices can often lead to undesired consequences. Many pups and pussycats have sensitive stomachs which is why I recommend changing any diet gradually over 2 weeks. While some iron-stomached pets will soldier right through a rapid diet change, most will have some degree of gastrointestinal disagreement. For those desperate to add some variety, my best advice is to go slow!

So, while I don’t think there is a certain need to offer your pet variety, it is critical that you give them a good quality food that they enjoy.

Considering we are typically feeding them the same thing every day, it is imperative the food you choose contains high quality ingredients and is AAFCO approved like K9 Natural and Feline Natural. This ensures your furry family member will not only thrive but also avoid micronutrient deficiencies which can lead to disease.

Furthermore, by choosing a food as delicious as K9 Natural and Feline Natural, you can be confident that your pets’ satiety needs are not only met but far exceeded.

I sure know Albus’ excitement levels still go through the roof at mealtime, and believe me, despite eating K9 Natural every day, there is certainly no spice missing from his life.

 Written by Dr. Josie Gollan