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Everything you need to
know about Freeze-Dried

Our Freeze-Dried diets are the nutrient dense, complete and balanced food that is as close to a raw diet as you can get. It provides all the benefits of a raw diet but with the convenience of being able to be stored in your pantry or cupboard. Pressure removes the moisture, retaining all the nutritional goodness of natural whole foods.


Freeze-Dried can be served as is, dry or you can rehydrate by adding warm water. It's up to the personal preference of you and your dog!




Are you looking for a way to boost your dog's water intake? When adding water to our Freeze-Dried diets, we recommend rehydrating equal parts food to warm water e.g. 1 cup food = 1 cup water.

As a guide, temperature of warm water should be comfortable when applied to the back of your hand.

Fresh water should be available for your pup at all times.





Simply add a sprinkle of Freeze-Dried on top of your current food to increase the nutrient content of your dog's diet.

Toppers are a great way to see if Freeze-Dried is right for you and your best friend!


To feed as a complete and balanced meal, use a standard 8oz (240ml) cup and fill with food / water to the measurement indicated below and with serving methods above.

These feeding recommendations are a guide only as your individual dog's requirements may vary by +/-50%.

For puppy, pregnant or nursing mothers feed up to 2-3 times the adult amount per day.