The antidote to fussiness: Feline Natural Healthy Bites

Humans have been keeping cats as pets for over 12,000 years. According to our calculations, that means we’ve been searching for the solution to fussy felines for… well, 12,000 years. No matter how much love we have for them, there’s no denying they’re tricky to please – and when it comes to food, their tastes can change in the time it takes for you to yell “dinner!”.

That’s where Feline Natural comes in. You see, we’ve been dealt our fair share of petulance around the food bowl. We knew it was time to do the right thing for cats – and their owners – and create something that moggies love eating, and we feel good about treating them to.

Our new Feline Natural Healthy Bites range offers protein-packed every day treats, perfectly measured to give your cat everything they need and want – and nothing they don’t. These morsels are made from 100% New Zealand freeze-dried raw meat – and that’s it! We all know variety is the spice of life, so you can keep your cat gingered up with the luxury of choosing from three delectable flavours; free-range, grass fed beef & lamb, or cage-free chicken.

Any cat with good taste will turn their nose up at grains, gluten, artificial flavours and preservatives. So, it’s quite simple: because they don’t need any of those nasties, they’re not on the menu. Like everything we produce, our Healthy Bites are prepared to impress the most discerning diners and leave them licking their lips guilt-free.

We’ll leave you with a pro tip: store your Healthy Bites up the top of your cupboard. Not only does the cool, dry environment preserve freshness, it also keeps those cheeky paws at bay. Even the laziest cats will go out of their way to sneak seconds!