A Weekend To Remember - Jack Russell Race 2023

From livestock attractions, to homecrafts and trade exhibits, there truly is something for everyone at the Wānaka A&P show. However, there is one event that captures attention like no other - the annual Jack Russell Race.

With over 100 Jack Russell’s finding their way to the start (some of which also managed to find the finish line), it is undisputed that the 2023 Jack Russell Race was the biggest in Wānaka A&P show history!

Filled with false starts, somersaults, the occasional ‘Jack Russell’ imposter, and the top spot up for grabs, this was a race you did not want to miss.

Jack Russell Race 2023

Although, with all the drama and action one question stayed at the forefront of everyone’s mind; who would be replacing Harry at the top of the podium? A the most decorated dog in Jack Russell Race history, Harry’s left some big paws to fill, however, after months of waiting, a new victor emerged - Archie!

Not only did he take first place, but it was also his first-time racing in the event at all; competing alongside his sister Roxy who was more than happy to be along for the ride. In true underdog style, he celebrated his win with a play by the lakeside and a quick dip in the water – because all champions need an ice bath after a big race.

Jack Russell Race 2023 Winner, Archie

But a trophy wouldn’t mean a thing if there wasn’t some fierce competition to beat. Giving Archie a run for his money were Trek and Marshall, walking away with a very close second and third respectively; all three cementing their place in Jack Russell Race history.

However, even those who didn’t make the podium were winners in their own right – with stories of triumph, new-formed friendships and pure enjoyment flooding out of the K9 Natural tent at the post-race celebration.

Those in attendance of this year’s show were lucky enough to see ‘Maisy the three-legged dog’ take to the field; a contestant on the TVNZ on Demand series, Dog Almighty, the show which looks for New Zealand’s most talented dog.

Despite being in an accident at four years old, Maisy has continued to break barriers and hold her own against dogs of shapes and sizes. A well-known name in the South Island agility circuit, Maisy has taken home many placings in both the jumpers and intermediate categories; as well as being a strong competitor in this year’s Jack Russell Race.

After receiving a few spot prizes and spending some time back at the K9 Natural tent, Maisy rightfully took home the title of ‘Fastest on Three Legs’ – as well as one of the cutest pups of the day!

Maisy the three-legged-dog

Thank you to everyone that entered, we loved meeting, treating, and getting to know all 100+ of our mighty Jack Russell entrants. Training for the 2024 Jack Russell Race starts now - and Archie will be fiercely defending his title. Does your dog have what it takes?

See you next year!

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