Natural Pet Good Group, the parent company of K9 Natural, is committed to implementing sustainable business practices that drive positive impact for the communities and environments where we do business. As we continue our sustainability journey, we look forward to sharing our progress with you, our customers, as we progress work with our partners towards being the most responsible company we can be.

New Zealand Sourced

100% of our whole food ingredients are sourced in New Zealand. This ensures freshness of ingredients and supports local suppliers.

New Zealand Made

All our products are made fresh in New Zealand, supporting local manufacturing partners.

Traceable Products

We have 100% traceability of all animal products, ensuring quality of product from farm gate to pet plate.

Optimised Sea Freight

All international orders are prioristised via sea freight. The GHG emissions from sea freight are less than alternative global freight options.

Renewable Energy

In 2022 74% of electricity purchased by our business globally was from renewable sources.

Employee Wellness

We have a wellness portal for all team members to access tools and resources to help them function and feel at their best.

Recycled Plastic Packaging

In 2023 we began the transition to recycled plastic packaging, reducing demand for virgin plastic and supporting the development of a circular economy and reducing waste.

Reducing Plastic

In 2017 we removed all plastic scoops from our packaging to help reduce the use of plastic in our business.

Soft Plastic Recycling

We are proud members of Soft Plastic Recycling New Zealand, converting much of our product packaging into fence posts at end of life.

Sustainable Business Network

We are impact investors of the Sustainable Business Network. This partnership allows us to learn from experts on climate action, waste minimization and nature regeneration.

Pet Sustainability Coalition

We are the first New Zealand company to be a member of Pet Sustainability Coalition and the first New Zealand company to be an accredited member of Pet Sustainability Coalition.

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