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Posts tagged: Dr Josie Gollan

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Flaxseed - A Nutritional Powerhouse

Flaxseeds are the richest food source of the short chain Omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Whilst different in structure to the marine based Omega-3s you are likely familiar with, ALA is an essential fatty acid for our pups and kitty cats, meaning they must get it from their diet.

Nutrient Rich Organs

Written by Dr. Josie Gollan. The use of offal in pet food has been a long-time sufferer of poor perception, particularly in countries with low human consumption of organ meats. Often perceived as a cheap, secondary by-product, inferior to muscle meat, this could not be further from the truth! Offal...

It Turns Out You Can Bottle Love

When I was growing up, if you had asked me what cats drink I would have confidently answered milk. With cartoons such as Garfield and Sylvester the cat, who if you don’t recall loved to guzzle milk, informing my young opinions it is no surprise my own family cat would...

Introducing your new feline to the family dog

For quite some time I’ve been nagging my husband about adding a feline friend to our family. With Albus the dog, Hendrix the one and a half year old and another one on the way he assures me our family is quite full! When I beg to differ he retorts...

Puppies... and steep learning curves!

It’s been a busy few months in our household since the arrival of Albus but we couldn’t be happier – we just love him! In saying that, getting a new puppy has been a big commitment and a steep learning curve… even for me. So, I thought I’d share a few...

Why diet is so important to your dog’s health & well-being

We hear it time and time again, particularly when gobbling down chocolate, the age old adage ‘you are what you eat’.

What is freeze-dried?

  Not that long ago commercial pet food was relatively simple; you either fed dry kibble, tinned ‘wet’ food or a combination of both. Now days, as we have come to better understand the nutritional needs of our pets and its role in their health, a vast array of foods...

Keep your best mate safe this Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner (can you believe it?) the festive spirit is well and truly in full swing and the social calendar is becoming littered with Christmas parties and family gatherings. Like many people, it is my favorite time of year and I adore spending it with loved...

Emerging from isolation: managing your pet’s stress levels

  With the glimmer of returning to normal life flickering on the horizon, it is important we consider what this may mean for our furry family members. For the last couple of months, they have adjusted to full households, constant company and likely more attention as our lives have slowed...

Transitioning to a new diet

‘Food should always be fun, food should always be fun’….is the mantra I repeatedly tell myself when I try to introduce new foods and flavours to my 6 month old son. Some days it’s a success and I beam with undeserved pride, other days he clamps his mouth shut so...

The instinctive diet

“What should I be feeding my dog?” is one of the most common questions I am asked in clinical practice. The recurring debate seems to centre on the appropriateness of high levels of carbohydrate in many of the commercial dry foods fed to a large proportion of our canine companions.

Travelling With Pets

  It is fair to say that 2020 has been a year like no other. With numerous changes to our way of life, the implications of COVID-19 have been pervasive with a sudden halt to international travel being one such example. Whilst some people are still lamenting their forgone European summer...