Introducing Veterinarian, Dr. Josie Gollan

Hi, my name is Dr. Josie Gollan and I am a companion animal veterinarian from Sydney with more than 10 years of clinical experience. I am a mum to Albus the Hungarian Vizsla and Hendrix the human and with another small human about to join our pack, life is going to get very busy! When I am not in the clinic, I can be found with my family in the ocean, running trails or enjoying the many other wonders that Mother Nature has to offer.

As a lifelong pet owner, I have always been passionate about keeping our furry friends happy and healthy and believe the first step in doing so is through high quality nutrition. Similar to humans, our pets’ diets are one of the most powerful ways in which we can prevent disease. However, with so many opinions, clever marketing and regulatory loopholes, the pet food industry can be quite difficult to navigate.

Science suggests that cats and dogs should eat a balanced diet comprised of high quality, natural ingredients that are minimally processed and closely mimic the evolutionary diet of their species.

This is why I love partnering with K9 Natural and Feline Natural. They espouse this ethos by providing a nutritionally balanced, wholefood, high meat diet using human-grade ingredients. K9 Natural and Feline Natural are packed with natural super foods like green lipped mussels straight from the source…. pristine New Zealand! I have used them both with a number of ‘guinea pigs’ in my clinic and also feed Albus K9 Natural every day and can attest that not only is the food nutritious but also SUPER delicious… they just love it!

Not only a pet lover, I consider the lives and welfare of all animals to be important and this extends particularly to those that produce food. Whilst we are becoming more conscious in our own choices of where our food comes from, this can often be overlooked when feeding our pets. I want to help promote this ideal to pet owners to not only think about their animal, but also the quality of life of the animal used to make their pets food. K9 Natural and Feline Natural shares this important belief by only using meat from free range, grass fed animals, eggs from cage free hens and sustainably sourced seafood. I believe that together, we can help shift the approach to become more mindful of where our pet food comes from.

As a vet, I understand how essential food safety is for preventing harm to our companions.

It is important to recognise that some raw food diets have been shown to have high levels of harmful bacteria that can cause food borne illness in pets, as well as owners. Therefore, I think it is imperative to shine the spotlight on foods that are safe for pets so that owners can have confidence in their choices.K9 Natural and Feline Natural is one such company that takes food safety very seriously. Not only do they meet AAFCO requirements, they also test for harmful bacteria in the raw ingredients as well as every batch of the finished blend before being released for sale.

These are just a few of the reasons why I am excited to have chosen to partner with K9 Natural and Feline Natural.

Together we can highlight an excellent standard of nutrition for pets in helping to prevent disease, assist owners in making more informed and conscious decisions when choosing food and most importantly to safely satisfy the taste buds and tummies of our furry friends!

Written by Dr. Josie Gollan

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