Storage Tips For Keeping Pet Food Fresh

Ever wondered why your dog or cat is turning their nose up at food they were loving just days ago? They’re probably trying to tell you something is not quite right with their dinner. Chances are, this is down to the way it has been stored.

Just like human food, when pet food is exposed to oxygen from the air, the product can go rancid. This can leave it smelling and tasting off, and dogs and cats may turn their nose up at this.

The more air the food is exposed to, and the higher the heat it is stored at, the faster the pace of rancidity. The good news is, there are some pretty easy ways to keep this process at bay so dinner is nothing but delicious.

Smart pet food storage to the rescue

Keep it airtight

After feeding, it’s best to squeeze as much air as you can out of the bag, and use the bag’s seal to stop any air creeping in. If your pet food doesn’t have a seal, or it’s broken, you can do the same thing but just use a clip to seal the bag.

Choose a container

Pop the sealed-up bag into a storage container. For extra freshness, it’s best to keep the food in the bag rather than pouring it straight into the container. It’s important to use a nontoxic, non-reactive container, like our K9 Natural and Feline Natural stainless-steel airtight storage containers. Another great alternative is reusing glass jars from your kitchen cupboard (think spaghetti sauce or pickles). They’ll keep your four-legged friends’ food fresh and nutritious for longer, too. Just make sure you always wash the container thoroughly before putting a new bag in.

Location, location, location

The garage or shed may not be the best place to store your food – they can get pretty warm. Keep your pet food safe by storing in a dark, cool dry place such as your kitchen pantry or laundry cupboard.

So, there you have it.

Some pretty simple tips to keep your pet food fresh and tasting great. Dinner time will never be a problem… especially if you’re feeding tasty morsels from K9 Natural and Feline Natural!

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