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Naturally Better Nutrition

  • Who are you?
    • Inspired by our beautiful New Zealand environment, and guided by world leading science, K9 Natural provides the best blends of natural food for dogs and cats.

      We’re a team of enthusiastic pet lovers who understand the journey to get the very best quality food delivered to your pet’s dinner bowl. We sniff out the freshest produce, support sustainable and free-range farming practices, and create high-meat diets that will give your pet the natural energy and nutrients they crave.

  • Why a high-meat diet?
    • In recent years we have become increasingly aware of the nutritional needs of our pets and the impact that diet has on the quality of their lives. World leading research from our in-house pet nutritionist has shown us that dogs and cats thrive on a natural diet high in meat and rich in vitamins and minerals. Our naturally derived diets ensure that all nutritional goodness of our wholefood ingredients is maintained, while eliminating unnecessary fillers such as grains, cereals and starches.

  • Are any of your products in compliance with AAFCO?
    • K9 Natural and Feline Natural core diets are formulated to meet AAFCO requirements for all life stages, from puppies right through to adults. K9 Natural Puppy also meets all AAFCO requirements.

  • So, is your food is suitable for my dog/cat with skin allergies?
    • Absolutely! K9 Natural and Feline Natural diets are ideal for allergy prone dogs and cats due to the fact we have eliminated common allergy-inducing fillers and skin irritants. With allergy-prone dogs in mind, we have created complete diets for dogs that are made from a single source protein.

  • And what exactly is freeze-dried food?
    • The innovative freeze-drying process takes moisture out of our original fresh meat recipe without heating it, leaving in all the nutrients your pet will thank you for. Freeze-dried food is the perfect solution to easy storage and transport, giving more pet owners the option of providing their pets with a high-meat diet. Simply add water back into the food when using a meal, or sprinkle on your pet’s food to use as a tasty topper!

  • What is the difference between your freeze-dried, frozen and canned food?
    • All of our ranges contain the same nutritious recipe with absolutely no fillers such as grains, cereals and starches, just in different formats so you can pick the option that best suits you and your pet.

  • What are the small white specks that I’ve noticed in my Feline Natural cans?
    • Rest assured, the white specs you’ve been noticing are completely normal! They’re simply small bits of fat that have become separated during heating in the canning process. Our Feline Natural cans are free from any gels or binding agents whatsoever, just fresh New Zealand water, which means you’re more likely to notice our nutritious whole food ingredients.