Supercharge Their Meal: Building Your Bowl

Every dog is unique, so to make sure they’re living their best and healthiest life, it makes sense to start with their food bowl. Depending on their breed, size, activity level and age, your dog will have their own unique nutrition needs - and don’t forget that as their life stages and lifestyles (and even the seasons!) change, so should their diet. So how do you make sure your best friend is getting everything they need from their meals? It doesn’t need to be complicated – one of the best ways is to build your bowl for your best friends’ specific needs.

A balanced bowl is all about providing a combination of quality ingredients and food types in the form of proteins, toppers, hydrators and supplements. Specific to your pet these should be rotated regularly, giving them all the macro and micro nutrients they need to thrive.

The Building Blocks


A balanced bowl starts with a complete and balanced base, rich in proteins and fats for a natural source of energy to thrive. This will be the main ingredient, and can be kibble, raw, freeze dried or wet food. Our Freeze-Dried and Canned ranges are the perfect base, delivering natural high-meat nutritional goodness.


Next, add a topper. This should be about 10% of your dog’s meal and will help round out their nutrition needs, as well as provide additional protein and variety. This is also a great way to test out new flavours they might enjoy! Add a sprinkle of our Green Tripe Booster – it’s a fantastic supplement containing an abundance of vital nutrients that aid digestion, skin, coat, and immune function. Feel free to rotate this with our treats like Air Dried Lamb Lung Protein Bites for different textures and flavours.


It’s time to add some supplements to really supercharge your dog’s meal and help support specific areas– such as joint health or skin and coat health. Our Health Oil Supplements are the perfect daily supplement and one of the best additions that you can make to your dog's diet to boost the nutritional value. Made with a premium blend of New Zealand Flaxseed, Hoki, Avocado and Green Mussel Oil with Botanical Borage and Blackcurrant Oil, it’s a nutritious boost and a great way to entice picky eaters! This is a great opportunity to get some extra hydration, especially in summer! 

For pets with any specific health or dietary requirements, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian before feeding.

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