Air-dried vs Freeze-dried: What's The Difference?

Fresh, clean air. We’ve got a lot of it down here in New Zealand. So at K9 Natural we got to thinking. Why not make good use of it and blend it into our well-loved, natural products? And the idea was born: fine canine fare, air-dried to perfection.

Okay, so the thought process was a little more scientific than that. But the result’s the same. World, meet K9 Natural Air-Dried Protein Bites.

Air-dried, freeze-dried… what’s the difference?

Well, we don’t like to pick favorites – but our air-dried bites are a bit different to their freeze-dried counterparts. Freeze-drying methods zap the moisture out pretty quickly (read more about it here), while air-drying is a slow, low temperature process… The low temperature air slowly circulates and dries the meat, and at the end of the process, a higher temperature kills all the pathogens in its path. That means there’s no chance of nasty bacteria hanging around which is always reassuring for you and your pet. And like freeze-dried it has a long shelf life of up two years unopened.,

Air dried products are also a bit more dense and jerky-like, perfect for the pups who love to get their chops around something substantial.

What you’ve all been waiting for..

Our K9 Natural Air-Dried Protein Bites are an everyday treat packed with protein: lung specifically, from 100% New Zealand grass-fed, free-range beef and lamb. That’s it – because that’s all your best friend needs. No grains. No gluten. No guilt. Nor are there any artificial preservatives or flavors in sight. Or whiffing distance.

Natural nutrition deserves to be treated with care. That’s why we’re quite okay with taking some extra time to carefully air dry it, creating a product that’s handy for you and the envy of every dog without.

In our eyes, every second is worth your dog’s face after taking a bite…

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