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Transitioning Your Dog To K9 Natural

When transitioning your dog to K9 Natural, start by mixing a small amount into their current food, slowly increasing the amount of K9 Natural over 7 - 10 days until your dog enjoys a full bowl of K9 Natural.

Day 1: Full bowl of current food

Day 1

Current Food

Day 2 - 9: Part bowl of current food and part bowl of K9 Natural

Days 2 - 9

Current Food + K9 Natural

Day 10: Full bowl of K9 Natural

Day 10

K9 Natural

Feed As A

Complete & Balanced Meal

Our Freeze-dried dog food can be served as is, dry, or rehydrated by adding warm water.

When adding water to our Freeze-dried dog food, we recommend rehydrating equal parts food to warm water.

1 cup food = 1 cup water.

As a guide, the temperature of warm water should be comfortable when applied to the back of your hand.



Add water

Add Water



Feed As A

Tasty Topper

Add a sprinkle of Freeze-dried dog food on top of your existing food to increase the nutrient content of your dog's meal.

Topping is a great way to see if Freeze-dried is right for you and your dog!



K9 Natural

How Much To Feed

To feed as a complete and balanced meal, follow our recommended feeding methods and feeding guides linked below.

Countertop with K9 Natural Freeze-Dried Lamb Feast on top


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