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Beef Feast Frozen Dog Food


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Transitioning Your Dog To K9 Natural

When transitioning your dog to K9 Natural, start by mixing a small amount into their current food, slowly increasing the amount of K9 Natural over 7 - 10 days until your dog enjoys a full bowl of K9 Natural.

Day 1: Full bowl of current food

Day 1

Current Food

Day 2 - 9: Part bowl of current food and part bowl of K9 Natural

Days 2 - 9

Current Food + K9 Natural

Day 10: Full bowl of K9 Natural

Day 10

K9 Natural

Feed As A

Complete & Balanced Meal

Keep frozen until ready to use. Simply scoop, thaw, and serve!

The product will thaw in minutes. Alternatively you can feed straight from the freezer to bowl if your pet prefers.

Some liquid when completely thawed is normal. Fresh water should be available
at all times.






Feed As A

Tasty Topper

Add a sprinkle of frozen dog food on top of your dogs existing food to increase its nutrient content and taste.

Topping is a great way to see if frozen is right for you and your dog!